This range is suitable for Twentieth Century Wars but certain buildings would be suitable for earlier periods.
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Pair of two storey half rendered 'blitzed' shops.



pair of three storey brick shops with one detachable roof.



Row of four houses with two sets of detachable roofs one set ruined one set complete, suitable for Seven years war onwards.



Row of three houses with two sets of roofs one set complete one set ruined, suitable for seven years war onwards.



Industrial building with two detachable roofs. 145mm x160mm.



Factory Chimney with small building attached.



A pair of wooden buildings with corrugated roofs



Coal compound with shed



Ruined version of 6B5 factory chimney



Small machine gun/observation bunker with detachable roof.



3-4 mn slit trench



Chemical/Oil storage Tank goes well with 5B5



European Church with detachable spire £11.75 £30.50
Ruined Church £9.00 23.50
Middle East
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