Coventry's Scimitar club put on this demo using our 20-25mm Arab buildings
15mm Rural Scene Village
Sword Beach scenario using Hovels 1/300th buildings.
Cromer High School playing WW11 25mm Eastern front game saving private Ryanski using Hovels 20mm ruins.

Sherwood Forresters Wargames club showing Hougoumont.Pictures taken at Triples

Sherwood Forresters Wargames club Showing Garden. Pictures taken at Triples.
Celtic Village from the collection of Simon Chick
ACW battle from the collection of Gerry Lynch
Another photo from Gerry's collection

Paul's Modelling Workshop.

Celtic Hamlet

Hougoumont from the collection of Tony Won (Belguim) painted by Johan Van Acker
Roman 25mm. Mile Castle from Geoff Riches collection