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The Gardeners House with a detachable roof, and barricaded Gate plus office
Stable block- adjoining H70
The Chateau complete, comprising of Chateau, Tower, and Chapel all with detachable roofs and the Chateau has a detachable first storey.
Converson kit for the the Chateau comprising of ruined roof sections for Chateau and Tower and ruined first floor section for the Chateau.
Farmers House two storey with detachable roof
Ruined roof section for farmers House
Cowshed,Stables (West side) with detachable roof
The Great Barn with detachable ro of(West side)
Open fronted Cart-shed with detachable roof (West side)
North Gate
North cowsheds consisting of two buildings one 'l' shaped with a detachable roof.
Covered Well
h80 Walls and gates to connect H71toH74 and H72 to H75
h81 Connecting walls plus gate H70-H73 6" long 1 7/8" high
h82 Connecting wall H73-H78
"Petit" garden balustrade wall set from H73 to H82 (6 pieces)
h84 Perimeter corner in front of Gardeners house(H70) with loop-holes. 6" x 8" long
h85 Garden wall straight wall section with loop-holes. 1 piece per pack, 2 variations, 8" long 1 7/8" high
Garden wall Corner wall section with loop-holes 4" x 4" 1 /78" high
h87 Firing Steps. Suitable for all Hougoumont walls 2 per pack .1 piece 4" long 1" high 1 piece 2" long 1" high. Can also be used as barricades
plan Interactive site plan of Hougoumont
The Battle of Hougoumont one of a great seies of books on the Waterloo Battles by Stephen Maughan
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