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Code Description Plain Painted
42e5 Farmhouse 12.50 34.50
43e5 Two Storey Farm Building 7.50 20.50
44e5 Cowshed 8.00 20.50
45e5 Stable with Dovecote 8.00 20.50
46e5 Great Barn 14.50 34..85
47e5 Front Gate with Two Cowsheds 11.50 30.50
48e5 Covered Well 3.85 9.75
49e5 Straight rendered Wall 2 Variations (one damaged) 200mm L x 30mm H. Please state which is required. Price per piece 3.50 9.50
50e5 Straight rendered wall with gate 200mm L x 30mm H 3.50 9.50
51e5 Straight rendered wallwith two corners (1 piece casting) 200mm L x 30mm H x 45mm W 4.25 11.25
52e5 Complete Papelotte, consisting of 1 each of all codes 42E5-51E5, plus 2 x 40E5 (firing steps) Please state which variation of 49E5 you require 79.00 216.35
53e5 Complete Papelotte Painted and based ready to play. 620 mm x 190mm   256.00
41e5 Firing Steps 2 pieces 52mm & 40mm L 2.90 7.70


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